The SPASH Gridiron Club is the non-profit booster club that supports the SPASH Football Program. 100% of the donations received for the SPASH Gridiron Club are given back to the SPASH Football Program. The Gridiron Club funds are completely separate from the SPASH card fundraiser and are used solely for activities that exceed the school’s budget.  Unlike most other SPASH sports, there are no volunteer requirements for football. Instead, it’s just expected every family will find a way to volunteer their time and help with the many opportunities. A SIGNUP GENIUS link will be emailed to all families in the middle of July.  Follow us on Facebook-SPASH GRIDIRON CLUB. Email us with questions: 

Meetings are every Tuesday at 6 PM in the North Commons starting August 8th. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Our biggest fundraiser is through SnapRaise. Below is the information for this program. 

Be on the lookout for when we start this up and please help us gather emails! The biggest question we always get is what does SnapRaise do with the emails. Any emails put into their system will ONLY receive emails from SnapRaise during our campaign. No information is sold to a third party.

Snap! Raise Parent Guardian Letter(1).pdf

What the Gridiron Club did for the 2022 SPASH Program: